Junior Professor for Risk Perception and Communication


Prof. Dr. Katrin Arning

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Under the direction of Prof. Dr Katrin Arning, the Junior Professorship for Risk Perception and Communication at RWTH Aachen University focuses on analysing and understanding risk perceptions in the context of innovative technologies. A particular focus is on the areas of energy and mobility, which are often at the centre of public and professional debates about risks and potentials.

Research priorities are the empirically based investigation of risk perceptions, decision-making and behavioural patterns of different stakeholder groups, the consideration of individual factors and application contexts as well as the closely coordinated development and evaluation of information and risk communication strategies.

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The Junior Professorship for Risk Perception and Communication is located at Campus-Boulevard 57 in room 03_A10 - Building: Prolog, Campus Melaten.

Address: Campus-Boulevard 57, 52074 Aachen