Selected Projects of the Professorships

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On this page you will get an insight into selected research projects of the Institute of Linguistics and Communication Studies.

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Competence Promotion in Writing

What writing tasks do young people face before and during their vocational training? How well are they prepared for those after school? These questions are being investigated by the KOFISCH research project at RWTH Aachen University. The aim is to prepare participants in vocational preparation for a future as well-qualified skilled workers.

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Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production: functional perspective, integrated usage and research school

The Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production is a project network consisting of three focal points in which the chair of communication science is collaborating.

In the focal point functional perspective, we are working on user-centric so-called data to knowlegde pipelines, which are designed to transform data into insights and provide decision makers with meaningful, actionable knowledge.

Another focus area in which we are active deals with integrated use. The overall goal is to design user-centered communication, interaction and knowledge transfer between the units of a digitized, socio-technical production system, taking into account change, in order to increase the acceptance and sustainability of the internet of production.

The Graduate School focus is based on the vision to enable a new level of cross-domain collaboration in production engineering by providing semantically adequate and contextual data from production, development and use in real-time and adapted granularity. The Graduate School within the IoP focuses on the systematic support and development of researchers at different scientific stages, namely master's students, PhD students, and postdocs, and disciplines.


German as second language

The diversity of linguistic and cultural backgrounds in schools and society requires teachers who are especially qualified in the field of German as a Second Language. For this reason, RWTH Aachen University offers two free, in-service supplementary qualifications. Upon successful completion of the continuing training program, participants receive a university certificate.

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REFINE - From solar energy to fuel

In the REFINE research project, an interdisciplinary team with experts from various fields such as materials science, biotechnology, engineering, and social sciences is working together to research future solar fuels. The goal of the project is to create a holistic platform for researching environmentally friendly solar fuels obtained through artificial photosynthesis. With the help of sunlight, high-energy alcohol is produced from hydrogen and already existing CO2 as an alternative fuel. In addition to technological development, our focus is on research into social acceptance and risk perception with regard to this innovative technology. As part of the four-year project, we will examine risk perceptions of manufacturing infrastructure and solar fuels and develop communication efforts.

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